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Note to RyGenDo Member please download Complexity Demo Player for demo view usage (Download by Clicking here) The link was edited at 21/1/2011 as complexity demo player is better. please redownload

Member List

Clan Lord: mountainy
Star: *Clan Lord*
Double Kill

Captain: givsasi302
Star: *Captain*
Four-Star Knifer - Knife 4 enemy in 1 round (unique)

Organizer: Es.Gravitas.Vivaz / XaBii<3
Star: 514
Rank: G.Gunner
Extra/Bonus: Beware he has many name...

Examiner: XlncX
Star: 0
Rank: Sniper

Examiner: fireatk
Star: 37
Rank: G.Gunner

Elite Member: AzawaX
Star: 0
Rank: Unknown

Elite Member: tomodachix
Star: 210
Rank: Gunner

Member: fireace331
Star: 207
Rank: G.Gunner
Double Kill

Member: lucidaz
Star: 0
Rank: Unknown

Member: Blacky
Star: 0
Rank: New Member

Member: liew222
Star: 0
Rank: New Member

Ban by SSBan

If you are ban by SS Ban
post SS link in our Chatbox!
The SS will be in your cstrike folder

Valid Time for submiting SS: 3hr after that time, ban will be permanent

(SS is a short form of screenshot)

Upload SS Website


Recommended Equipment

Recommended EQ for CS 1.6 Player
Mouse: Zowie Gear's Mouse/Logitech G500
Headset: Steelseries Siberia V/V2
Mousepad: Zowie G-TF/Steelseries Qck Heavy

This is my personal recommend, you can try any of theirs product

ZOWIE GEAR: http://www.zowiegear.com/index.php
SteelSeries: http://steelseries.com/
Logitech: http://www.logitech.com/

Zowie Gear is invent by retired cs 1.6 legend, so it is guarantee good for cs 1.6 unless stated otherwise

SteelSeries Gear is good for sound but their gear is not very sturdy so you need to take great care of their gear

Logitech is one of the most sturdy gear I have ever seen, one of their mouse last 3-5 year for us and got reasonable price tag on their gear

Level up your skills!

English is good...

Click it and find some pro tip you need!

Tournament at Pelita MCC

RyGenDo Has taken Third Place at Pelita MCC CS Tournament
We just can't fight pro team yet!

We win 2 round and lose 1 round
its sort of minor tournament because there are only 6 team at there
while some other team's "adult" think we "teen" can't play really well so we just owned them with 17-0 score *evil laugh*

anyway we each member who take part in that tournament get a Dell Gaming Keyboard back to their home sweet home...